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Here we are doing some waterproofing. Our work here will prevent future water problems and save the homeowner thousands of dollars. 

David & Karen
David & Karen

Level Sewer & Drain has truly been a lifesaver! In the process of purchasing our 100+ year old home, we needed a sewer drain scope ASAP. They were exceedingly prompt and the only company who followed through. It was absolute fate!


Level Plumbing is absolutely awesome to work with. Josh and Levi installed an Iowa Hydrant in our front yard and completed the job with the utmost level of professionalism and attention to detail. Upon completion of the excavation and hydrant installation, you would have absolutely no idea that Level had even been there. The restoration and return to our yard and planter area was immaculate. Extremely impressed! Would highly recommend Level Plumbing to everyone. Thanks Level!


We had Levi and Josh complete a large project for us. We had to replace some piping due to roots invading and since we had an old house, the piping was old and starting to collapse. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for the job! They were responsive, hard working, kind, and timely. If I ever have any issues with other homes down the road, I’ll definitely reach back out to them. Thank you so much!!!

John Doe


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John Doe


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Waterproofing FAQs

Keeping your homes foundation and living space dry increases the longevity of your home, lowers the risk of unhealthy mold problems, and makes finished space in your basement possible. 

A wet Crawlspace can lead to mold problems. That mold can be pulled through your homes ducts and expelled in your living space.

White powder forming in the joints of your homes foundation, staining on finished drywall and baseboards, and pooling water near the walls can all be signs of failed waterproofing on the exterior of your home. 

Mold is usually the result of prolonged wetness or inadequate ventilation. We can fix the cause of the mold by stopping the water coming into your home. There are several companies in the area that remediate mold. We do not offer mold remediation as a service. 

Waterproofing a house correctly requires foundation and concrete knowledge, the right materials, and a lot of time with a shovel. It can be done if all the correct steps are taken with the right materials. 

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