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You don’t have to take our word for it. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners with their drain cleaning needs. Here’s what they have to say!

David & Karen
David & Karen

Level Sewer & Drain has truly been a lifesaver! In the process of purchasing our 100+ year old home, we needed a sewer drain scope ASAP. They were exceedingly prompt and the only company who followed through. It was absolute fate!


Level Plumbing is absolutely awesome to work with. Josh and Levi installed an Iowa Hydrant in our front yard and completed the job with the utmost level of professionalism and attention to detail. Upon completion of the excavation and hydrant installation, you would have absolutely no idea that Level had even been there. The restoration and return to our yard and planter area was immaculate. Extremely impressed! Would highly recommend Level Plumbing to everyone. Thanks Level!


We had Levi and Josh complete a large project for us. We had to replace some piping due to roots invading and since we had an old house, the piping was old and starting to collapse. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for the job! They were responsive, hard working, kind, and timely. If I ever have any issues with other homes down the road, I’ll definitely reach back out to them. Thank you so much!!!

John Doe
John Doe


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John Doe
John Doe


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Drain Cleaning FAQs

A plunger is a great way to find out how plugged the drain is. A liquid drain opener that is safe for galvanized metal pipes can be helpful to break up a food clog or soap buildup. Be very careful to read the fine print and make sure it doesn’t harm the metal in your plumbing system.

If your drain opens up for a short time after you use the liquid drain cleaner and then clogs again it’s probably time to have it augured out.
An auger is a cable machine that spins its way through your pipes and pushes out the buildup in the pipe. They are a time-tested effective solution to clean your homes pipes.

Hair and toothpaste build up typically clog bathroom sinks. It’s best to first take out the pop-up drain and run a short piece of wire with a bent end in it to see if there is a hair ball or other debris blocking the drain pipe. After that, we recommend plugging the overflow in the sink and plunging it.

If the drain isn’t going down as fast as the water comes out of the faucet, your drain is partially obstructed. Signs of a plugged main sewer include wet areas around the floor drain when running laundry, bubbling toilets, or toilets that mysteriously empty the bowl when not being used.

Most drain liquids have a chemical in them that is corrosive to metal. It will eat the walls of the pipe and you’ll have leaks if the chemical sits in the pipe for too long.
In recent years, a few companies have come up with non-corrosive liquid unblockers. It’s best to thoroughly read the manufacturer website and make sure they are not harmful. The SDS label will generally do a good job of providing this information.

A toilet clog is usually pretty easy to remove with a plunger. If the plunger isn’t working it’s best to check the rest of the drains to make sure they are working well. If you have a floor drain in your basement, check this drain first after plunging.
If all your drains are working great, a tool called a toilet auger is useful for navigating the bend in the porcelain that makes the “trap” of the toilet and will push out the clog into the bigger pipe.

The bubbling toilet is a sign that the plumbing is filling up with liquid, rather than draining. The air in the pipes is being displaced by fluid and the air is being pushed up through the toilet.

The first thing to try is always a plunger. It works surprisingly often!
The best way to unclog a drain is
by using an auger. You can size the blade and cable to fit your drain size, thereby getting the whole pipe clean and pushing out the sludge. Run lots of water right after finishing to dislodge any debris clinging to the pipe wall.